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Senitta Hygiene Bank takes the Digital World by Storm

In a world where women are fighting for equal rights and pay parity India is still struggling with the idea of curtailing the superstitions surrounding menstruation. The wide-eyed gawks at the mere mention of the word Period; has haunted our country from the time immemorial. Organisations NGOs and Government play a major role in spreading awareness about menstrual hygiene. With only about 24% penetration in the market sanitary pads still have a long way to go. In a country where culture plays the starring role it is almost very difficult to dissociate menstruation with it. Talk about not letting the women enter the temples on their impure days as one such example. Since the inception Senitta commits to provide safe and chemical free sanitary pads and a promise to initiate the much-needed conversations on menstruation and menstrual hygiene. Senitta a new brand by Unicorn Hygiene Products embarks on a journey to change the game in the world of feminine hygiene because they believe there is nothing to whisper about it and honestly so do we.

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Senitta is a brand that is actively supporting digital India transformation through its application Senitta Hygiene Bank. It is an incredibly innovative idea spawned to remove the day-to-day hassles of online payment. Yes it works as a bank for all the females Currently the app offers its female customers the facility to earn points or hygiene currency through exciting games available on the app. The hygiene currency can also be earned through refer codes. The customers can use the earned virtual currencies to order Senitta pads online and the pads will be delivered at their doorstep. The Period Tracker is another convenience to keep track of the period and never run out of pads. Another important feature of the application is the Scan Pay option. This removes the hassle of hunting down the change in the purse or swipe the cards and pay through the app with the hygiene currency. Many brands considering the utility of the app have shown interest to collaborate with Senitta and give independence to women. The customers will be able to get exciting offers and buy a variety of products through the hygiene currency. The best part is one hygiene currency is equal to one rupee.

The entire team behind Senitta and our relationship with 3EA has been the driving force behind Senitta Hygiene Bank. It is just the beginning of a newer digital tomorrow. We believe that women can transcend all the boundaries and we want to provide them the convenience and safety to grow said Suboor Ahmed CEO Unicorn Hygiene Products.

There are several features that sets Senitta apart from other brands. It offers an opportuneness to the females to embrace their womanhood. Along with the digital empowerment Senitta provides a dioxin-free anti-bacterial and biodegradable alternative to the regular sanitary pads which are not only harmful for the user but also toxic to the environment. In this way Senitta promises to provide a comfortable and healthy menstruation. Senitta is more than your regular feminine hygiene products it is an idea born out of years of careful considerations listening to the problems and finding a safe solution. Innovation is truly the key behind Senitta Hygiene Bank said Suboor Ahmed CEO Unicorn Hygiene Products.

Senitta Hygiene Bank is a positive wave of change

An innovative solution to the feminine problems Senitta was launched as a brainchild of 3EA Limited with an intention to spread awareness and provide a safe product both for the environment and the customers. Senitta provides its customers handiness aseverything is accessible through one app. Providing information is a significant feature of the application through blogs as well as Dr. Senitta. Online ordering of sanitary pads has never been easier when it is conveniently accompanied by hygiene currencies and period tracker. Senitta has also come up with various tips and tricks that can be incorporated in day-to-day life exclusively for the female community. Senitta pads are designed for the bold women because they are beautiful.

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